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Mary Pat Payne - LMT


I became a massage therapist because of one simple belief. I believe that every person needs to be nurtured and touched with care and respect in order to thrive. Massage offers the type of physical contact that is vital to every person's well-being.


When people ask what type of massage I offer they are often surprised by my answer – whatever kind you need. My training has included Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, geriatric, oncology and lymphatic drainage massage, basic reflexology, orthobionomy, active assisted stretching, somatic techniques, trigger point therapy and more.  I have found that a single type of massage or bodywork is seldom as effective as a customized blend of two or more.  


Integrated Therapeutic Massage – Swedish massage is combined with deep tissue massage and/or other bodywork techniques to create a customized massage to best meet your needs. It is an effective way to relieve pain and can reduce stress, increase flexibility, increase circulation, balance moods and help improve muscle tone. This integrated approach is also used with the specialty massages listed below.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage -  This is a very gentle type of massage, designed to reduce or eliminate congestion in the muscles and surrounding tissue. The pressure is very light which makes it a great therapy for someone with a recent injury that results in swelling, in joint replacement patients, people developing lymphedema from medical treatments - espeically cancer treatment. The technique is gentle in application but can be profound in results. It is one of the most relaxing massages I've ever experienced personally.


Oncology Massage - people that face the diognosis of cancer know their lives will never be the same. It is a time when the healing power of touch can be a welcome and powerful gift. Cancer patients undergoing treatment and those who have finished treatment need a massage therapist with specialized training. An oncology massage starts with a detailed intake interview so all aspects of the client's health can be taken into account when modifying the massage. Some massage techniques can cause more harm than good, so specific modifications have to be made depending on the needs of the individual client. Many cancer patients have expressed how much they miss being touched in a nurturing way. During their treatment, they are routinely, poked, prodded and positioned with the goal being a cure not comfort. A massage is a great way to step back from the treatment process and take some time to let go and be in the moment. It's a time to experience nurturing, respectful, comforting touch and to let go of the stress for just a little while. Caregivers also experience dramatic changes in their lives and can benefit from a stress-free hour where all they have to think about is themselves and enjoy being nurtured with comforting touch.


Prenatal Massage – A customized massage for the expectant mom. It is given in a side-lying position using pillows for support and comfort. Prenatal massage helps relieve low back pain, sciatica, fatigue and swelling of the hands and feet. Done after the first trimester, it is a wonderful way to connect with both your changing body and your baby.


Don’t forget dad, he is going through prenatal changes also. This can be a stressful time for him and massage is a wonderful way to reduce stress.


Geriatric Massage – Age related medical conditions are taken into consideration when planning a geriatric massage session. As seniors age, isolation is often the most difficult challenge they have to overcome and massage is a great way for them to connect with another person. This is generally a very gentle massage that lasts an hour or less.




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