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Energy Healing

Energy healing grew out of my work as a massage therapist. There were times when I felt as if my hands were being guided by a wisdom outside of myself. When I trusted that feeling and followed the guidance, it resulted in a more satisfying session for both the client and me. This led me on a quest to discover what this energy was and how I could consciously use it. I researched “Healing Touch” and “Reiki” but neither connected with me as a practitioner, yet I enjoyed both as a client.

Then I found EFT – emotional freedom technique. This is a type of energy healing based on ancient acupuncture points that have brought people energetic balance for thousands of years. To use EFT, you stimulate acupuncture points on the face, upper body and head by tapping on them while focusing on a specific issue. It can be used for pain relief, the elimination of phobias, allergic reactions and cravings, reducing stress, weight loss, improving performance and more. It’s easy to learn and simple to use. The EFT motto is “try it on everything.” Sessions are taught one on one or in groups. Once you learn EFT, it’s easy to use on your own, yet some people prefer to continue using it with a practitioner. Either way, EFT is one of the most powerful wellness tools I’ve ever encountered. I encourage you to learn more about it at We will be offering introductory workshops throughout the year. For dates, times and fees, please call 847-275-8517.

The second type of energy work I offer is Reconnective Healing®, Reconnective Healing for Animals® and The Reconnection®. This is a type of energetic healing that uses a range of new frequencies that had not been detected on this planet before the mid 1990's. This healing work was discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl or as he would say, it found him. When I first heard his story I was immediately drawn to it as I had not been by other energy techniques. I found a local practitioner, booked a session and was bowled over by the experience. After reading Eric’s book "The Reconnection: Heal Others,Heal Yourself" I knew this was what I had been searching for. I attended his workshop and learned how to access the Reconnective Healing frequencies.  This work can be life changing and being a practitioner has been very rewarding. My mentor describes the work this way:

Reconnective Healing® is an energetic modality in which I bring a higher level energy into the energy field of the person with whom I am working. This energy has an intelligence of its own, and it heals in layers, much like peeling an onion. It works on that which is ready to be healed first. You may not always get what you want, but you will get the healing for which you are ready.

The Reconnection is done for someone who wishes to move forward in his/her life with a stronger connection to the Universal/God Energy and a deeper connection to his/her own essence/Spirit.

To learn more about this type of energy work, please go to or contact me – I’ll be happy to share whatever information I have with you.

There are many different types of energy healing yet they all have one thing in common. They help bring about an energetic balance so you can heal. The practitioner is the conduit, not the source. Not everyone is interested in energetic healing and that’s ok. Our motto at Payne Wellness is “many paths to wellness.” If energy healing is part of your path, it would be my honor to work with you.

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